The Sarett Nature Center

The Sarett Nature Center, in Michigan’s Berrien County, is unique in many ways. It is a nature preserve, an environmental education center, and a provider of natural history trips. It has five miles of trails meandering through its 800 acres. The trail system includes boardwalks, observation platforms, and an easily accessible barrier-free walkway. You can get a close-up look at wetland wildlife and habitats Including wet forests, cattail marshes, shrub cars, and a unique alkaline wetland called a fen, and you can see it all without getting your feet wet.

The primary goal of the Sarett Nature Center is to provide quality environmental education for our community and for all ages. Each year over 25,000 students ranging in age from preschoolers to through adults attend programs at Sarett. An exciting way for you to gain appreciation and knowledge of the natural world is to take part in one of Sarett’s weekend programs. These proprams include photography seminars, field trips to local natural areas, afternoon canoeing and
kayaking adventures, snowshoe-making, wildflower walks, birding trips and programs, naturalist led hikes and more.

The Sarett Nature Center is located at 2300 Benton Center Road. The phone number is (269) 927-4832