Saint Joseph Farmer’s Market

Crunch, Yum, Sip, Mmmmmm… these are the sounds you hear as you stroll along the bluff during the Saint Joseph Farmer’s Market.

The fruitful season kicks off the first weekend of June and continues through the second weekend of October.

Don’t miss out on our local harvest of fresh fruits, vegetables and gorgeous cut flowers. The market also has a wonderful array of homemade baked goods of cakes, cookies, cupcakes, breads and even pizza dough. If that is not enough to fill your shopping basket you can add homemade candy, granola, jellies & jams, honey and maple syrup.

For the fish and meat enthusiast the Saint Joseph Farmer’s Market offers locally caught fish from Lake Michigan and grass feed beef from a local cattle ranch.

SO… Take advantage of Southwestern Michigan bountiful gifts and be part of our agriculture affairs.

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