Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy of our Guests and Hosts is extremely important to us.  We will protect your information at all times.  This Privacy Policy applies to website.  Websites of our affiliates who provide special services are governed by separate privacy policies.  We use information collected about you only as permitted in this Privacy Policy.

The terms “users” or “you” as used in this Privacy Policy refer to both Guests who use the Be Our Guest (BOG) website to look for properties to rent, and Hosts provide their properties for rent.

By providing information to us when sending applications, sending inquiries or otherwise using, you expressly agree to this Privacy Policy.  This Privacy Policy was last updated on June 15, 2011. 

Who processes your personal data?
Your personal data (also referred to as personal information) – that is, data that identifies you, or from which you are identifiable – will be collected, processed, stored and used by us, and passed data processors acting under contract with us. If we transfer your personal data, we will take reasonable steps to protect your privacy rights in compliance with applicable data protection law and this Privacy Policy.

The information we gather
At various times you may contribute your personal data to us. For example, in order to process an inquiry concerning a property, we need to know all or some of the following: your full name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and, in the case of a member’s listing, a method of payment. You may also contribute personal data to us at other times, such as when applying on our website. 

How we use your personal data
Our primary purpose in collecting your personal data is to provide you with the services you requested and those which we believe will optimize your use of our website.  You agree that we may use for personal data for the following purposes:

  •  for the services or support you request
  •  to contact you from time to time with critical user or service updates or other information important for our services
  • to customize, measure and improve our services, content and advertising
  • to promote the services or special offers or promotions related to our website and services or those of our affiliates
  • to compare information for accuracy, and verify it with third parties
  • to prevent activity we determine to be potentially illegal 
  • for the enforcement of this Privacy Policy and/or our Terms or any other purpose referenced in this policy or stated on our website or contract documents

In order for users to benefit from some of our services, we may require personal data.  Examples of such

Surveys: Surveys are another method by which we gather information about our users. From time to time, we request users’ input in order to evaluate potential features and services. The decision to answer a survey is completely yours. We use information gathered from surveys to improve our services.

Inquiries: Guests may send inquiries to Be Our Guest via this website. If you choose to send an inquiry through these links, your personal information, including your e-mail address and any other information you supply, will be visible to the Hospitality Specialist in question so that they might reply directly to you. If you call the call center, you may be asked to leave a return telephone number. Do not share information in the e-mail or phone call that you are not prepared to allow us to have, including, but not limited to, credit card and bank account information. While the content of these inquiries is not shared with any other party, we may, from time to time, use third party e-mail servers to send and track receipt of the inquiry e-mails, and analyze the pattern of inquiry usage reported by these third party tracking systems.

Reviews: Guests may leave reviews about properties of our Hosts they stayed in and Hosts may also respond to reviews.  Guests are urged not to put any personal data or information about themselves in any review and Hosts may not put any personal data or information about anyone else in any review or response to a review.  When submitting a review, Guests will be requested to provide a valid email address and other personal data may be requested as well.

Caution About Phishing or False E-mails
If you receive an unsolicited e-mail that appears to be from us or one of our Hosts or affiliates that requests personal information (such as your credit card, login, or password), or that asks you to verify or confirm your account or other personal information by clicking on a link, that e-mail was likely to have been sent by someone trying to unlawfully obtain your information, sometimes referred to as a “phisher” or “spoofer.” We do not ask for this type of information in an e-mail. Do not provide the information or click on the link. Note that if you clicked on a link in such an e-mail, this would not compromise your account or information that you provided to the BOG website.  However, the sender of such an email would be able to obtain your information if you provided it to them in the link or by a return e-mail.

How We May Disclose Your Personal Data to Third Parties
We may disclose your personal data to respond to legal requirements, enforce our policies, or respond to claims that a listing or other content violates the right of others.  In all cases, such information will be disclosed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

BOG may also share your information with:

  • one of our service providers, but only if  you’ve requested their services or to be notified by them
  • a third party performing services on our behalf and has agreed to keep such information confidential (such as the processing of your credit card payment or the conduct of an online survey, for example)
  • legal or government officials in response to a verified request relating to a criminal investigation, alleged illegal activity or other governmental request, provided that we will require a court order, subpoena or similar legal procedure except when we believe in good faith that disclosure of information is necessary to prevent imminent physical harm, financial loss or to report suspected illegal activity
  • other companies or business entities, in the event we are merged with or acquired by such company or business entity.

How Do We Protect Your Personal Information Once We Have It?
We take appropriate technical and organizational measures to guard against unauthorized or unlawful processing of your personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, your personal data. While no system is completely secure, we believe the measures implemented by our website reduce the likelihood of security problems to a level appropriate to the type of data involved. We have security measures in place to protect our user database and access to this database is restricted internally.

However, it remains each user’s responsibility:

  • to protect against unauthorized access to your use of the website
  • to ensure no-one else uses the website while the user’s machine is “logged on” to the website service
  • to log off or exit from website when not using it
  • where relevant, to keep his/her password or other access information secret

All personal information submitted to us is stored on a secure server. We do not store credit card numbers or related identifying information on any website server. All such information is stored by our credit card processing partner(s), who are obligated to store such information using secure methods.  We also use third parties to help us optimize our website flow, content and advertising (see below). 

How do we use Cookies and Pixel Tags?
Some of the pages on our website use a feature of your browser called a “cookie,” which is a small file placed on your hard drive by certain of our web pages.   Cookies, by themselves, are not able to extract personal identification information from you.  A cookie identifies your computer, but not you, when you visit the BOG website.  We or third parties under contract with us may use cookies or pixel tags (which serve many of the same purposes as cookies) to help us analyze our web page flow, customize our services, content and advertising, measure promotional effectiveness and promote trust and safety.   Cookies allow us to personalize our site for you and to provide you with information that will help optimize your experience of the BOG website.  Cookies are commonly used at most major websites in much the same way we use them here at our website. 

How long will we keep your personal data?
We will retain your personal data only as long as is necessary for the purposes to which you consent under the Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy, or as is required by applicable law, and then we will delete it.

How do I contact you?
If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of the Be Our Guest website or your dealings with the website, please contact us at